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tibetan mastiff puppies
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Description: The Tibetan Mastiff is a powerful dog with a sturdy bone structure. It is a very large dog with a broad, massive head and a heavy, dense, medium-length coat. The bear-like head is wedged-shaped with a wide, blunt muzzle. The upper lip usually covers the lower lip. The nose is large and generally black. The teeth form a scissors or level bite. The v-shaped, thick-leathered ears hang down. Mature dogs, particularly males, tend to have moderate dewlap. The body is slightly longer than tall and the legs are heavy-boned and powerful. The coat forms a heavy ruff around the neck. The hair on the head is short. The plumed tail curls over the back in Spitz fashion. The Tibetan Mastiff is usually black, sometimes with gold or tan markings, though he may also come in chocolate, blue & tan, sable, gold, cream, or red, with or without tan markings. Some also have white markings.

Height: 25-28 inches Weight: 64-78 kg.

Temperament: The Tibetan Mastiff is very protective and territorial. Even-tempered, calm and thoughtful. Dignified and very loyal to its own family. It is by and large loving with children but, distrusts and is reserved with strangers. Brave and fearless when properly socialized. Somewhat strong-willed and very determined, but with a desire to please. Patient and highly intelligent it was bred to take initiative. The Tibetan Mastiff must be thoroughly socialized and trained to become the fine family guard and companion he can be. It comes naturally to this Mastiff to guard its family and their property. This special dog has to be raised to adulthood in a careful well-balanced manner. It is easy to housebreak. The Tibetan Mastiff is an outstanding sheepdog and an excellent guard.

Exercise: The Tibetan Mastiff requires daily Walks, but should not be over-exercised. Jogging is too hard on the joints due to the breed's size. It was bred to have an average demand for exercise and will enjoy going with you for a walk in the woods, but they are not particularly enthusiastic about playing with a ball or anything like that.

Grooming: The Tibetan Mastiff should be brushed regularly. In the winter the coat has an abundance of very thick hair. The thick double coat sheds only once per year during a four week period in spring and/or summer. During this time it should be brushed and combed for at least a half hour each day. The Tibetan Mastiff is good for allergy sufferers.

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