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Macaws are one of the most popular parrots and also one of the high maintenance pet. They posses beautiful plumage and considered very affectionate with their owners. They are considered an intelligent species that can use human speech well. Macaws require a large amount of room and thus the cage a single bird occupies should be as large as possible. They need ample amounts of room to prevent the muscles in their wings from atrophying as well as plenty of room to play, exercise in, and spread their wings. The cage should be placed in an area that is off the floor, well-lit, and warm (a macaw has little tolerance towards cold). .) Macaws eat mostly fruits and seeds, including large, hard seeds. They like apples, nuts, bananas, and fruits. They also feed on nectar and buds. Macaws equally require a great deal of stimulation, attention, and affection. They thrive on and need frequent, regular interaction and so should be removed from their cages for long periods to socialize and be slowly socialized with others to retain a friendly disposition towards people; they need time to get to know strangers. They will naturally be extremely vocal and should not be discouraged from this behavior but should be given limits overall. They love to play and should have plenty of toys in good condition for stimulation; they habitually chew whatever they can get their beaks on and so wooden toys are recommended both for enrichment and to avoid beak overgrowth. Toys that are worn out should be replaced and care should be taken to keep Macaw's curious mind occupied. They are expensive to purchase, adopt, or maintain.

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