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Cockatoos are very social, preferring to live in flocks. They are affectionate and energetic and will suit a wide variety of people. They need plenty of attention, affection and activities. A newly weaned cockatoos in a new environment will often cry and whine and screech if its needs are not met. Offer to hand feed your new cockatoos once or twice a day, especially early in the day, regardless of its age, when it first comes into your home. This will reassure the cockatoos that it will be taken care of and loved. If the new cockatoos do not appear to eat well on its own, continue the hand feeding until it does begin eating healthily on its own. Cockatoos love to climb and chew and play. They should be provided with a variety of toys to play around. These breed has an extremely high energy level and will need the biggest cage possible. Provide your cockatoo with rope swings, wooden perches, nest boxes and plenty of wooden toys. Cockatoos will chew tirelessly and their toys and perches will need to be replaced frequently.

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